We aim to always provide professional and high service to our customers. The following are the terms of purchase that we are working on and which are in accordance with applicable legislation and our own guidelines.

Prices – All prices are as standard in SEK including 25% VAT. The price that applies is what is stated on the day the customer makes his order.

Order – Minimum order value is SEK 100 incl. VAT. We reserve the right to log your IP number when ordering. We process personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act (PUL).

Minors – (under the age of 18) may not make purchases without the consent of the legal guardian.

Confirmation – When we receive your order, we will send you an email confirmation with information about your order as soon as possible. It is good if you save the order confirmation in order to have a hand in case of any contacts with us.

Payment – It is possible to pay by card, direct payment by box.

Shipping fee – Shipping fee will be SEK 120-300 depending on the delivery time you have chosen. For some orders it is freight free over SEK 1,000.

Delivery time – Estimated delivery time is about 4-5 days. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the delivery time. If an ordered product is back listed, we will notify you of the estimated delivery time to approve later delivery or cancel the order.

Delivery delays – may occur, for example, when a supplier cannot fulfill its delivery obligations towards us. If this occurs, we will waive our liability to the customer for the damage caused by the delay. We always inform the customer if the delivery time deviates significantly from the one we stated.

Transport – We use Posten or DHL when we ship goods. If the goods are lost or you have discovered that the shipment is damaged in transport, you must immediately notify Posten. If Posten does not accept the liability, contact us. We currently only ship products within Sweden.

Transport risk – Together with our shipping partner, we stand for the transport risk, ie the risk of the goods being damaged or being lost during transport from our warehouse to you. You and the transport company are responsible for the risk of any return to us.

Complaints – If a product is faulty, defective or misdirected, please contact us via e-mail “link customer service” or phone 070-112 83 77 for further detailed instructions on complaints.

Incorrect or damaged goods must be advertised within 1 year. When returning a product, we are responsible for the shipping and any replacement delivery. The product must be returned well packaged and in its original packaging with the attached description of the defect. If the item is damaged or lost when the customer (you) returns it, the customer is (you) the payment manager.

Right of withdrawal – Private customers have full right of return within 14 days according to the e-commerce Act. No shipping fee is charged to our private customers at the right of withdrawal. In cases where the customer considers that delivery is delayed in such a way that it no longer wishes for delivery of the order, it is the customer’s responsibility to cancel the order. Cancellation is not valid until the customer has received confirmation.

Force Majeure – We are exempt from the penalty for failure to fulfill any obligation in this Agreement if the breach arises in liberating circumstances as set out below and the circumstance complicates, prevents or delays the performance. Such as liberating circumstance shall be deemed to be among others. a government action or omission, new or amended legislation, conflict in the labor market, blockade, strike, fire or flood, sabotage or major accident. In force majeure, the authorities’ decisions also affect the market and products negatively, such as restrictions, warnings, sales prohibitions etc.

Disclaimer – We reserve the right to make any write errors and changes to technical data that are beyond our control. For technical reasons, it may be difficult to reproduce exact color shades on textiles and surfaces.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to write, call or email your questions to us.